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We have a history of developing warehouse management software for companies across the globe. Our team knows how a modern freight forwarding warehouse works. We realize what it takes to manage an international freight forwarding warehouse correctly. Believe it or not – after 30+ years of experience, we have managed to come up with a perfect warehouse software.

What Drives Warehouse Software from OAS?

The OAS team is well aware of the fact that a freight forwarder warehouse is a complex system. The list of typical operations that this system has to embrace is impressive. It includes dock management, inventory control, purchase order fulfillment, just to name a few. As a result, we developed the most powerful warehouse software on the market. It can gather and analyze all necessary management data within the shortest terms.

At the same time, OAS warehouse management software is as intuitive as it can be. Truth be told, simplicity has long been our focal point. Firstly, we realize that a freight forwarder warehouse is interested in software products that do not require intensive and time-consuming training. Secondly, we created user-friendly warehouse management software because we wanted to reflect the variety of freight forwarding warehouses.

Warehouse Software for All Purposes and Businesses

OAS team takes pride in developing warehouse management software based on specific customer needs. We made sure that every data entry screen in our product is set up to gather only essential data. In other words, we keep our software helpful and straightforward at the same time!

Ease Of Use

OAS Warehouse is designed as a companion product for OAS Freight  or as a stand-alone product.  As with all OAS software, special attention is given to taking complex operations and presenting in an extremely intuitive package.  

Short learning curve and less operational support calls is one of our guiding development principles.  The software is easy to use, but also improves productivity and the bottom line.

OAS Warehouse  is no exception.  Data entry screens are streamlined based on the customer requirements and forwarder configuration.

Advanced Functionality

Most forwarders only require Dock Management operations, but may also need to support those clients that require additional services, such as Purchase Order Fulfillment and Inventory Tracking with Customer specific SKU’s.

Internally, operations can opt to use bar code technology to streamline receipts, releases and internal inventory operations.

Warehouse Billing allows financials to be collected at any step in the inventory cycle. Receipt, Release, Warehouse moves and recurring storage fees can be accrued and billed. 

Dock Management
Customer Inventory
Purchase Order Fulfillment
Warehouse Billing
Freight Forwarding Interface
Bar Code Capable

Realizing most Freight Forwarders customers do not require elaborate warehouse or inventory needs, OAS Warehouse handles receipt and release of packages easily. Scheduled Receipts and Releases are tracked to fulfillment.

A hierarchical view displays packages and their contents. There is no limit to level of detail, so a commodity in a box in a pallet in a container is no problem to enter and track.

Packages can be consolidated into new packages or broken out.

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