OAS (Office Automation Systems) was founded in 1987.  Yes, we have been around.  Some of our clients will remember our first product; OASys Freight Forwarding.  At that time, OAS produced some of the first DOS-based logistics software available for the newly popular Personal Computers. 

The transportation and software industries have come a long way since then and OAS has kept pace with changing technology and product lines.  OAS software has evolved through 3 complete product rewrites and countless feature updates.  Though Freight Forwarding software products remain our mainstay, OAS has developed several complimentary products for the Transportation and Logistics industries.


Our goal has always been to provide cutting edge software with an emphasis on ease of use and high productivity.  We understand that selecting an operations software is an important and  long-term decision that ties OAS closely with our clients.  Accordingly, we offer a comprehensive variety of services and software products to ensure your satisfaction and success. 

In short, our motto, and our mission is to be Your Partner In Success.  


OAS has provided software products for the Logistics industry for over 3 decades. Perhaps longer than any other logistics software available today. We have continually stayed abreast of changing technology and logistics requirements.

OAS has a depth of understanding and experience found in few other logistics software providers.


OAS takes great pains to develop products that maximize productivity while being easy to use. This results in a minimal learning curve, enabling personnel to become productive very quickly.

Our challenge is to maintain high-end functionality and support of advanced and sometimes disparate requirements without compromising ease of use.


OAS has evolved from providing hardware and networks, to distributed applications, and now, to providing high-end, robust hosting solutions.

OAS consistently supported interfacing with third-party software, EDI platforms and external systems. It's hardly surprising that our clients often look to OAS first for their IT needs. We know our IT.