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Advanced International Trade Made

To cater to the needs of all of our customers, we have come up with OAS Trade, the best trade automation software. This software was designed specifically for international trading companies. In practice, it means that OAS Trade handles five critical aspects of the trading process. These aspects are purchases, sales, distribution, inventory, and finances. 

What Makes Our Trade Automation Software Unique?

Our team knows how varied international trading is. That is why we have developed the best trade automation software that supports commodities with both specific and non-specific quantities and grades. In other words, our international trade management software embraces different products (agricultural, mining, and food niches included).

International Trade Management Software Boiled Down

Friendly Interface

OAS Trade summarizes our 30+years experience of assisting international trading companies.  We managed to create an all-in-one trade automation software where complex operations are handled in a straight-forward manner. 

Also, all data entry tools you find in OAS trade automation software help you to simplify operations to the fullest. The flow between modules is dynamic. It displays order associations correctly, e.g., between purchase and sales orders. 

As a result, with OAS, you get the best trade software that enhances productivity and reduces the potential for errors. Forget about messy or duplicated data once and for all! OAS Trade can and will make the trade automation process smooth!

Top Performance

Our trade automation software covers every single aspect of all the operations your trading company conducts. With OAS Trade, you can easily supervise and systematize sales contracts that involve both a one-time shipment and multiple shipments.


The tracking potential of our international trade management software is immense. You can effectively trace every operation of your shipping. For example, the inventory operations functionality allows you to follow commodities from receipt to delivery stages. 


Also, OAS Trade is an international shipping documents software that contains all sorts of pre-written forms. For instance, letters of credits are created quickly, and requirements are supported in all data fields.

Ease Of use

OAS Trade is the perfect platform for international trading companies.  

Complex operations are handled in a straight-forward manner and data entry tools simplify operations.

Flow between modules is dynamic and displays order associations (such as between Purchase and Sales Orders.

This enhances productivity and reduces potential for errors.

Advanced Functionality

Sales contracts that span multiple shipments are organized and fulfillment tracked

Letter of Credits are created and requirements supported in all data fields.Inventory operations track commodities from receipt to delivery. 

Reconciliation tools close order with non-specific quantity / grade requirements such as agricultural commodities.   

EDI capabilities enable electronic transmission of Orders and Invoices. 

Purchase Orders
Sales Orders

OAS Trade Software provides your office the tools to manage your international purchases and sales.  The complexities of contract sales spread over multiple shipments are easily handled. 

OAS Trade combines document processing, accounting and inventory control.  OAS Trade supports non-specific  commodity contracts where delivered totals and types may vary from order totals and types.

OAS Trade tracks bookings and placement with Freight Forwarders.

OAS Trade is easy to learn and use and includes many tools to enhance productivity and ensure compliance.

  • Financials
  • Reporting
  • Customs Filing
  • EDI Interface
  • Inventory Control
  • Accounting Interface
  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Contracts
  • Order Reconciliation
  • Letter of Credit
  • Pro Form Invoice
  • Shipping Instructions
  • Booking Request
  • Agent and Sales Commissions
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Order Fulfillment
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