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OAS Hosting Services are especially attractive for businesses with multiple offices, or users that are out in the field or working from home.  Moving your applications to our server environment provides instant access from anywhere, while providing a host of performance, security and cost-effective benefits.  All hardware maintenance tasks are handled by OAS at no additional cost to you.  This means you can concentrate on moving your business forward and not worry about IT. 

Moving your applications to OAS Hosting is pain-free and usually can be done in a single day!  So, Don’t Wait! Contact OAS to see how hosting can benefit your business.

OAS Hosting provides the ability to instantly add global access to your applications at a very attractive price.  Whether working from home, on the road, or in the office;  Your office applications are available to you and your staff. 

For businesses with multiple offices, OAS Hosting provides a central hub for your applications and data.  Everyone is working on the same platform.  This feature is a must-have, combining convenience, performance and connectivity for all your operations..  

Customers are often surprised to discover that applications hosted by OAS are much faster than when hosted on their own LAN.  This is due in equal parts to:

  • Backbone speeds of at least 1 GB
  • Internet speeds of 300 MB/sec
  • Solid State Drives
  • Application / Data Configuration (same server)

Additionally, Remote Desktop hosted applications transmit a minimum amount of information from our servers to your workstations (screen refreshes and keyboard entries), greatly improving performance.

For small to medium sized businesses, it is usually much more cost effective to outsource hosting than to attempt to provide in-house.  Outsourcing alleviates the need to:

  • Purchase Expensive Servers and other equipment
  • Purchase licenses for Operating System, User Licenses, etc.
  • Hire IT staff to set up and maintain the software and equipment
  • Concern yourself with Security
  • Set Up elaborate backup/recovery scenarios.

Providing your own in-house infrastructure means taking on many expensive and time-consuming responsibilities.  Equipment

  • Purchasing concerns and expense
  • Operating System and User configuration
  • On-going maintenance
  • Back-up Solutions

These can be very taxing to small and medium size business especially.  With OAS Hosting, you can concentrate on improving your business without the unneeded IT headaches.

At OAS, one concern rises above all others – the protection of your data,  this is built into every aspect of our hosting infrastructure:

  • We keep standby equipment at the ready in case any piece of equipment should suffer a catastrophic failure.
  • All servers utilize redundancy wherever possible.  Multiple Network cards, Hard Drives and power supplies mean you keep working even if there is a failure.  Many components can be swapped out with absolutely no downtime.
  • Cutting edge Virus protection and firewalls protect your data 24/7.
  • Multiple local backups and off-site back-ups mean we can restore your system in case there should ever be a need.

Our objective is to keep your system secure and offer consistent, reliable service.  As we have been offering hosting services for years, we have a proven track record in this aspect.

For OAS Software clients, we are able to offer an even more enhanced level of service.  We can quickly get online to view or troubleshoot issues of any nature.  OAS has access to your environment, so we can much more effectively address any issues that might arise.  And you don’t have to be in the middle between hardware and software providers. 

OAS provides two types of applications, Desktop applications and Web-based Applications.  

The advantage of Web-Based is that it is easily made available to anybody.  This platform is ideal for applications such as web tracking.  Unfortunately, there are several areas that limit the functionality of web-based application.

Desktop Applications can easily be installed locally on your own computer, LAN, or hosted.  Desktop applications are typically superior to web-based applications in that they provide a better, faster and more intuitive user interface.  This is especially useful for your primary operations software.

OAS Hosting hosts desktop applications, such as OAS Freight, providing the best of both worlds.  You  get fast, intuitive and complex operations software that you can access from anywhere.  And, it appears just as any other Windows application on you computer.  

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