Shipment Tracking Software to Rely On

Choose shipment tracking software from OAS to experience seamless online access to your shipment tracking information. With our hosting services, setting up OAS freight tracker software is as easy, affordable, and timesaving as it can be! 

OAS Freight Tracker

Smart Bonus for Your Company Brand

We know that shipment tracking software free or premium is a part of your business brand. That is why our team is ready to configure shipment tracking software that looks consistent with your web page color palette. In addition, we can incorporate your logo into our freight tracker software for better brand recognition.


This way, with OAS, you get everything you need for shipment tracking in the USA right at your hand. And the best part is that our freight tracker software can resemble your website and business cards in terms of design too!

Shipment Tracking Software in a Nutshell

We take pride in creating the best freight tracker software. It has many functions that you will find necessary to boost your logistics potential. How is that possible? Well, our team has found an ideal way to combine rich and extensive shipment data with an elegant user interface. 

Choose our shipment tracking software to control routing, party information, as well as the status and history of all your operations. For your convenience, we have even created an option for viewing online PDF documents uploaded from the application.

Who Can Access OAS Freight Tracker Software?

The OAS shipment tracking for the USA and other countries is set up to support both public access and registered users. Of course, there are differences between the type of data that the groups mentioned above can access.

Public users of OAS shipment tracking software have minimal access to data. They can view only very general information about the shipment. Registered users, on the other hand, are allowed to see all sorts of tracking information.

How do Custom Requests from OAS Freight Work?

There are several ways of how customers can benefit from OAS shipment tracking software. To begin with, we give our clients a choice of contact forms. For example, customers and transportation agents can enter Pickup, Booking, and Quote requests online. 

Also, with our freight tracker software, it is possible to enter shipment (pickup) requests for air, Ocean LCL, and Ocean FCL shipments separately. In addition, screens of your software are then formatted based on the mode you have chosen.

Are Finances Included in Shipment Tracking Software?

Unlike most shipment tracking software free, our product gives you the freedom to review a list of invoices and payments online. Apart from that, aging and balance-due data are displayed too. With our software, you can avoid many financial confusions on the go.  

Also, the Online Payments option in OAS freight tracker software allows customers to make payments using different methods. Sure thing, credit cards and Paypal are on our payment list. And yes, all financial documentation can be imported from our software quickly.

Shipment Tracking
Booking Request
Quote Request
Shipment Request
Online Payments
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General Public may access tracking data for any shipment.  Shipments may be accessed by providing  one of the following Reference Numbers:

  • Shipment #
  • HWB # / HBL #
  • AWB #
  • MBL #
  • Order #
  • Container #
  • Booking #

Public Access only displays generic tracking data.  No sensitive data (such as customer or financial data) is displayed.

  • Hosted by OAS
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Pickup / Quote / Booking Request
  • Financial Review
  • Online Payments
  • Online Documents
  • Public / Private Views
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User Name: Ops

Password: 1234

To view demo data, change date range to after 2009 in tracking and request views.