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Warehouse Utilities
Oh, we know where that is, all right

The hardest thing is making it simple

There are a lot of warehouse and Dock Management applications on the market these days.  But how many of them are tailored to your business.  Even other freight software packages have either limited capabilities or expect operations to do a ton of unneeded, excessive tasks.  How do we do it?  take a look and see.  And thank a programmer, ours have a lot less hair these days,

Lets break it down

Whether you need to maintain your clients inventory, track Purchase Orders or only straight-forward Dock Management – OR any combination based on client needs – OAS Freight provides the capability, but also makes it simple.

Interface? You betcha

OAS Warehouse is actually a stand-alone application, but interfaces with OAS Freight.  From OAS Freight, you can create receipts, release inventory, and import receipt details.


Realizing most Freight Forwarders customers do not require elaborate warehouse or inventory needs, OAS Warehouse handles receipt and release of packages easily. Scheduled Receipts and Releases are tracked to receipt.

A heirarchical view displays packages and their contents. There is no limit to level of detail, so a commodity in a box in a pallet in a container is no problem to enter and track.

Packages can be consolidated into new packages or broken out for specific package level detail.


Receipts and Releases track the arrival and departure of inventory packages. While on-hand, Pick Lists track package movement. Damaged and Lost goods are marked and tracked. Packages can be broken down or consolidated into new packages. There are a number of features to track the status of Receipts, Releases, and Pick Lists.


Customer Purchase Orders can be entered with SKU or package level details.

Receipts and Releases update Purchase Order Quantities for Scheduled Receipt, Received (on-hand), Scheduled Shipped, Shipped.


Receipt and Release charges (and costs) can be entered while processing transactions. New and Recurring charges, such as packaging and storage fees can be entered independently. Customer invoices are generated adnd transferred to OAS Freight.