OAS Freight Forwarding Software

Advanced Logistics Made

From Quote to Invoice, and all documentation in between. OAS Freight Forwarding Software is an easy-to-use logistics software which features many tools to streamline operations, ensure compliance and provide the reporting and analytical tools you need.

OAS Freight Forwarding Software offers a full array of the tools to support your Freight Operations, Warehouse Operations, Financials, Reporting, Filing Requirements, Tracking as well as interface with other applications. 

OAS Freight provides flexibility to meet the operational demands of your company, and the tools to improve internal communications, shipment processing, and customer relations sales.


OAS Freight features an incredibly intuitive user interface that presents a clear path to entering data and producing documents. Components are laid out in a logical manner that emulates shipment processing. All data entry modules are a single click away from the primary screen.

OAS Freight can be customized to reflect your company operations. Why navigate through screens and fields that don't apply to your business?

Powerful, user-friendly data entry tools enable operations to become more productive and decrease the potential for error. A streamlined approach to gathering data, accompanied by helpful pop-up toggle and selection fields, on-the-fly additions to selection databases, powerful search and copy capabilities reduce the number of necessary tasks.

Operations Task Status's (regulatory filing, billing, etc.) as well as Freight Status are clearly displayed on the Shipment Home screen, providing all the information Operations needs at a glance.

Documents and Reports are thorough, efficient, and appealing. A wide range of reporting options easily analyze shipment, status and financial data.

highly Functional

OAS Freight produces all required documentation for processing export, import and domestic shipments traveling by ocean, air, or truck.

OAS Reports provide in-depth analytics of quotes, shipments and financials. Reports parameters (filter and sort) provide users with practically unlimited report options. Reports can be printed or downloaded to text files for import into excel or other applications.

Work Alerts provide ops with a view of upcoming, current, and overdue and overlooked transactions and regulatory compliance.

The accounting interface provides an easy-to-use method for transferring Customer Invoices, Customer Payments, Vendor Invoices and Vendor Payments to your accounting system.

AES, ISF, and AMS can be filed electronically.

eAWB and other EDI messages are fully supported.

Room to Grow

Though OAS is easy to use, it also has the tools forwarders will need to grow the business.

  • Security Features provide/restrict access to modules based on user rights.
  • Multi-office supports organizations that have offices in multiple cities or countries.
  • OAS Supports multi-currency capabilities.

  • OAS Features tools required by high-volume trading partners:

    • Online Utilities provide 24/7 tracking and booking and quote requests
    • Emil Alerts provide partners with real time pro-active alerts
    • EDI Tools streamline high-volume client communications and position forwarders to get those clients
    Tools designed to enhance productivity and improve office organization include:

    • Document Management stores documents in a shared location
    • Company/Shipment Notes compile historical and informational
    • Carrier and Customer Rate Tables
    • Mass Email tools allow for sales and service updates to be sent to all or selected parties


    OAS Freight Software provides your Operations department with the tools to quickly, efficiently and completely process all documentation.

    OAS Freight is easy to learn and use and includes many tools to enhance productivity and ensure compliance.

    OAS Freight minimizes the learning curve and maximizes productivity

    OAS Freight supports Export, Import and Domestic shipments via Air, Ocean and Surface.

    Screens are formatted based on mode/move type (Air, Ocesn, Ground, Import, Export, Domestic),

    Complex operations, such as Sub-House Bills  and Consolidations are easily  handled. 

    Shipments can contain multiple pickup and delivery instructions.

    • Operations
    • Financials
    • Rating
    • Reporting
    • EDI Interface
    • Web Tracking
    • Warehouse / Dock Management
    • Accounting Interface
    • Work Alerts
    • AES / ISF / AMS / 7512
    • Customs Filing Interface
    • eAWB / Freight Status
    • Denied Parties Lists
    • Multi-currency
    • Multi-Office
    • Carrier Brokerage
    • Consolidated Pickup / Delivery Management
    • Shipment Consolidation Tools
    • VGM Verification